HMC Radio – 009

[ucaddon_uc_material_audio_player image=”3667″ heading=”HMC Radio – 009″ audio_file=”wp-content/uploads/2024/01/hmc008.mp3″ uc_init_settings=””]HMC Radio[/ucaddon_uc_material_audio_player]

Happy Friday! HMC brings you our ninth radio show broadcast of what’s been getting playtime among our crew and being distributed lately. All of the music on the show is owned solely by the artists featured, please support them by following them or purchasing their jams!

@1-800-lost – fade
@aboueb – IZHMIR w/ @traffymusic
@imfrommarslol – Leaving For Mars
@aqualinaofficial – stargaze
@defreexd – Mind
@engelwoodmusic – stadium sauce (feat. ian ewing)
@enkrypted – hangar
@gun_shi – koe
@wearegvlvxy – I CAN BE
@hyume – Alone At Home
@karefuluk – Wake Me
@olswel – What
@officialpaaus – fade away
@thelazzyproject – Friends w/ @cheesy-kut & @goupil-prod
@zodivk – Initiate
@madjbeats – can’t w/ @number-13
@sh_eki – calloutmyname
@yaiba_beats – Muryō
@nodlebeats – she killed me first
@nostalgicshit – dawning
@wilfpenrose – crack
@mysterebeats – aegis w/ @planet_v
@sochibeats – Nostalgia
@wntrgwde – it’s been a long time, hasn’t it?
@mrsurff – beep beep beep boop beep baap
@lennyofficial2 – Post Malone – Wow (LENNY REMIX)